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Meet 'Topaz"...

The newest member of the VPC Family. 

About Us

The success of today’s veterinary practices, relies upon the purposeful integration of defined medical standards of care with proven business systems.  Too often it is believed that veterinary medicine and the “business” of a veterinary practice cannot co-exist.  This is far from the truth.

Veterinarians that own their own practices are excellent clinicians because they in fact are well trained and educated to be exactly that.  Practice owners often express their challenges encompass practice management, hiring, turnover, personnel issues, growth, supply cost controls, profits, marketing and efficient work flow.

It makes sense that practice owners have difficulty with these aspects of the business side of their practice. Veterinary medical schools help individuals fine tune and develop clinical expertise and skills, and to become brilliant clinicians however do not focus enough on preparing them to be business owners.

Veterinary Practice Consulting (VPC) exists to assist independent veterinary practice owners to integrate veterinary medicine with strong business concepts.   We have been involved with veterinary practices and offer decades of expertise integrating your medical brilliance with business systems.  Our consulting services and everything we teach & implement with practice owners and teams are centered on the philosophy of. . .

“What is good for your patients, is good for your practice.”

We take the time to assess your practice operations, your team and how the work flows then develop a consulting plan unique to your practice.  We work side by side with practice owners, practice managers and teams to implement, gain traction and achieve outcomes that have previously been elusive. 


Everyone achieves success together!

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