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Dear colleagues,

I’m a full-time veterinarian and the owner of the Tarzana Pet Clinic, a 2 1/2 doctor small animal Hospital. Although I enjoy a wonderful clientele, competent and willing staff and a beautiful facility I was never comfortable managing staff problems and developing effective future practice strategies. I seemed to take two steps forward then one back. My goals changed depending upon what problems sidetracked me. I didn’t know why some of my economic benchmarks were not on target.

Thankfully in 2017,  I met David Bennett at Western Veterinary Conference. He has been advising veterinary owners for 18 years. He assured me that with effective strategies and empowering the staff I could both move the practice forward and have more time to be a veterinarian and a leader instead of a manager. I also spoke to six past participants who all had wonderful results.

Besides receiving a very educational training manual explaining all aspects of management, my key staff members and I went to his 1.5-day seminar. Not only did this experience instruct us on how to function effectively but it made each person an enthusiastic participant.

David helped keep open communication between employees, monitor important industry benchmarks and be there to support and advise me on all the day to day problems that we all face. He would Skype into our weekly meetings when asked and was available to talk privately with an employee who requested advice. He helped with any concerns when I was out of town. Ultimately, he advised me and helped get our financial numbers in order when it was time for me to sell.

It’s very hard for us independent, single practice owners to compete in the corporate veterinary world today. David Bennett‘s extensive knowledge, wider industry outlook and sensitivity to both the owner’s and employee’s needs are a valuable asset to any small animal practice. I would highly recommend engaging his services.

Debra Hoffman, DVM

When I started working with Veterinary Practice Consulting, I was a solo practitioner working 6 days a week, didn’t have a budget and had no idea what to do with the information on my P&L statement.  We are now a three-doctor practice, I work the hours I want to work, we have a budget and I actually manage the direction of the practice.  We definitely had “growing pains” but it has been invaluable having David keep me accountable and teach me how to keep my clients happy, generate more profit, have more time with my family, as well as motivate and challenge my staff.  I would highly recommend Veterinary Practice Consulting.

Kim Wilke, DVM

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

I worked with David Bennett, of Veterinary Practice Consulting, for a year while developing and opening my start-up veterinary hospital. He provided valuable information to help ease me through the process and also the comfort of knowing nothing was being overlooked through the development of my business. Transitioning to the role of an employer would have been much more difficult without having David by my side. I would recommend his consulting services to anyone opening a veterinary hospital.

Lori Mathews, DVM

Green Valley Veterinary Care

Veterinary Practice Consulting gave me back control of my practice – control of the numbers, staffing issues, client concerns, and most importantly, the future.  My consultant (David) promised me that they would make it simple and teach me what I needed to know. They delivered their promise. Our gross revenue has increased by 17.2% and profit is up by 59%. Without Veterinary Practice Consulting, I would have never reached my goals.”

Carita Meyer, DVM

Blackbob Pet Hospital

“I started my practice with a skeleton crew and was working 80 hours a week. My practice did well initially, but as area competition grew, my practice did not keep up. I was working more than ever, had less free time, and was making less profit. I was trying to do it all and was burning out very quickly. My stress level was at an all-time high, as was my unhappiness with my job. I was actually looking into alternative careers. Quite frankly, I was desperate. It was either get help or quit the profession. I needed help in many facets of my practice, and David Bennett of Veterinary Practice Consulting had the answers.

Since utilizing Veterinary Practice Consulting, I now realize successful practice owners need a cooperative and engaging team to make the business successful. Team meetings have been paramount. They have ensured good communication and have enabled us to stay up-to-date with new industry developments and staff training. Our employees now take part in the management of the practice, including inventory management, work flow, and client communication. Working side by-side with a practice consultant like Practice Coach was extremely helpful. It provided on-the job training for which there is no substitute. My profit has increased by 140% in just the first year. I now have balance in my life– time for work, time for family, and time for myself. I feel like I have the best of all worlds.

Veterinary Practice Consulting receives a high rating. The techniques and tools that I received and implemented have been the key to growing my practice, to having personal job satisfaction and happiness, and to having an enjoyable, productive, and fun work environment.”



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